Flying Drones in Kentucky

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Kentucky Farm Bureau put out a quick little article on flying drones in Kentucky both for recreation and commercially. The article can be found here . If you are interested in learning to fly a drone or even go as far as get your Commercial Drone license check out the AbitaDrone Learning Zone . At our sister site KyWEGO check out the drone services we offer, everything from aerial videography and inspections to wildlife and livestock analysis.


Great American Eclipse 2017

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The Great American Eclipse of August 21st, 2017 was a non-horse event but still brought a lot of attention to Kentucky.  We found a great location in Cadiz, Kentucky just east of the Land Between the Lakes to catch totality only 16 miles from the point of greatest eclipse so totality lasted almost 2 minutes and 4o seconds.  It was our first total eclipse and it was an amazing experience to say the least.  We actually setup an experiment to capture what is referred to as Shadow Bands or Shadow Snakes.  We had several video cameras running to capture both the eclipse and the shadow on the ground.  Two of the cameras were mounted on a drone we custom built just for this event, we are still processing some of the videos but the video of the ground effects from the drone is online in 2 separate videos to make it a bit smaller to load, you can find them by going to our website KyWEGO .  We are building other drones to do everything from Equine Movie Production to Real Estate videos and Dynamic Agricultural Analysis.  We also can repair, service and upgrade drones so what ever your needs maybe give us a call.


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