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Fence Maintenance Costs will be Redirected to Key Operational Needs

LEXINGTON, Ky. (July 2, 2015) – The Kentucky Horse Park will soon be transitioning almost 30 miles of white plank fencing to black fencing. The white fencing has been in place since the iconic facility opened in 1978. The park is making this transition due to the economic and operational realities of maintaining white fencing versus black fencing.

“We realize the significance of this change and fully understand and appreciate the tradition of the white fencing at the park,” said Kentucky Horse Park Executive Director Jamie Link. “But the reality is that white fence paint costs about three times as much as black paint, white fencing requires repainting at least twice as often as black fencing, and white fencing requires more routine maintenance and resources to keep it at an appropriate level for the Kentucky Horse Park.”

The park anticipates an average cost avoidance of more than $50,000 per year with this change. With the cost difference of the paint, as well as the labor required to maintain and paint fencing, the park would rather devote its very limited resources to its horses and guests.

“We plan to begin the fence paint transition very soon,” Link said. “We will start with pressure washing, scraping or replacing damaged boards and then apply black paint when the wood surface is adequately prepared. The entire project will take several weeks, perhaps a few months, as weather and resources allow.”

The Kentucky Horse Park joins most every other horse farm and equine facility in central Kentucky and beyond that utilizes black plank fencing. All fencing directly around horse show rings, however, will remain white for better visibility and safety purposes.