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We are a growing group of Kentucky Citizens and others who have a Passion and a primary purpose in the success of the Kentucky World Equestrian Games in 2010 for the benefit of all of Kentucky. We believe it is possible to showcase the entire State, not just Lexington and the surrounding counties, but all 120 counties. Secondarily we also have a desire to see Kentucky host a Summer Olympics either separately or in partnership with surrounding states. Read our Charter for the in depth statement of our purpose.

When it was finally announced on December 6, 2005 that Kentucky had been selected to host the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games we were ecstatic as this was a big step towards our ultimate goal of hosting a Summer Olympics and a great opportunity for Kentucky to showcase our Horse Industry. We had realized for sometime though that there were going to be two hurdles to overcome in order to have a truly successful games. So we set about creating this organization to promote and support these Games anyway we could.

The first was that we didn’t feel that our State Government realized just what was involved in putting on the Games and to what level the Germans were going to take the upcoming Games in 2006. The second issue was that a majority of Kentuckians were going to feel that the State was spending their tax dollars on something that was not going to benefit them. Worse, there was the fear that there would be such a backlash that the Legislature would not fund the Games to the level needed.

During the 2006 Legislative Session the Governor put forth a request for $36 million to begin the upgrades to the Kentucky Horse Park. This request was low for what we felt was needed but realized it was a combination of two factors. One, those in charge of planning the Games at that point did not understand the requirements and two, that there may have been some concern amongst those planning the Games that if they asked for $60 million at that time that there would be a backlash.

Fast forward to the Governor’s 2007 State of the Commonwealth address were he asked for an additional $38 million because it is now realized that the original plan is not sufficient. This arose after they had went to the 2006 Games in Aachen, Germany and saw to what level the Games had been hosted there. Of course this Legislature is saying they will not even consider the Governors request because this is not a budget year. Of course a bigger reason maybe that this is an election year and the nobody wants to support any initiative of the Governor’s. We are hopeful though not optimistic that the Legislature may take up this additional funding before the end of this session.

So we continue to strive in educating and promoting the Games while providing what ever support we can to all those involved with the Games. Please join us in that endeavor by becoming a member if you are not already.

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